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We often see in our clients some ignorance about the vehicle scan. It is a recurring question when quoting a mileage review and specifying what it consists of. In many cases, they even assume that it is not a necessary operation and do not authorize it. On this occasion, we will explain what the scan is about and solve questions such as: why is it important to do it preventively in each mileage check? What it detects and does not see this operation? What aspects should be taken into account when the time to do it? and others.


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We start a new year with an increase in taxes and the cost of living. The effects are already beginning to be felt in everyone’s pocket, which implies being much more aware of expenses and anticipating any unforeseen event. The car is undoubtedly a consumer good and can be a significant source of high costs if it is neglected or is not reasonable with its maintenance. That’s when you decided to do a Google search on Car repair near me.

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Carry out preventive maintenance according to the manufacturer’s protocols or advice from the trusted workshop: As its name says, it is preventative maintenance to the extent that it can prevent us from significant damage either because the necessary changes are made in terms of oils, filters, brakes, and others within the correct times or because an anomaly that has not yet been detected is detected in time.

Sometimes the advice on best car repair shop near me can be catastrophic and corrected at an unusal cost. The recommendation is to review the car services workshop where maintenance intervals and aspects to be taken into account usually are indicated. These intervals not only apply during the warranty period or the first 50,000 km as is often thought, but they must also continue to be implemented throughout the vehicle’s life. If you do not have this information, you can ask the trusted workshop for advice to create a periodic maintenance plan according to the type of vehicle and its current condition.

Some of the essential characters to acknowledge during the car workshop near me visit:
Be aware of the instrument panel indicators: The witnesses are in full view of the driver precisely so that he is aware of any of them turn on and has an explicit action to take. These are classified as follows according to their level of care:

Informative tokens: they are all those that provide general information to the driver about settings and readings of various parameters. They are usually green, blue, or white messages or icons. They require no action from the driver.

Ventilation: Keeping the hood vents clean both inside and outside and the possible areas where dirt accumulates (tree leaves, etc.) will help the ventilation’s proper functioning. The leaves not only give off a smell when they decompose, but they can also rot the sheet and plug the ventilation ducts, causing it not to work or even damage the engine. In addition, these leaves are usually wet and reduce the effectiveness of demisting.

Preventive witnesses: they are all those who inform the driver about any anomaly or misreading of the vehicle’s general parameters. As they are preventative, they require to be checked in the shortest possible time by specialized personnel, but they do not require immediate immobilization of the vehicle.

Warning or imminent damage witnesses: they are all those that inform the driver about a severe or potentially severe anomaly and require immediate immobilization of the vehicle until the workshop inspects it to establish the diagnosis. They are messages or icons in red.

Other gauges: all analog gauges or needles such as engine temperature, oil level, battery charge level, and fuel level are included. These indicators are associated with the previous warning lights since they cause a preventive or alert indicator to light up if they exceed the maximum allowed level.

Check levels and possibility of leaks: A good practice is to check the vehicle’s engine levels and oil leaks periodically. This involves opening the hood and locating the reservoirs for brake fluid, coolant, hydraulic oil, engine oil, and windshield washer water. For many, it can be an expensive or unpleasant procedure, but this simple routine can give us signs that something is wrong and prevent us from more significant damage that results in high repair costs.

The recommendation is only to carry out the visual inspection and, in case of anomaly, refer to the workshop to avoid completing the wrong place levels. Now, only if you are confident of each container’s location and the type of liquid or oil to be applied can it be completed to the correct level without the need for professional help.

Avoid informal maintenance and without guarantee: This is a critical point because we all seek the most excellent economy or the best price. However, the best price is often detrimental to the quality of the repairs, and we often realize that cheap is expensive.

Bosch Car Services recommendation is to take the vehicle to a workshop backed by clearly defined service and warranty policies. This means that the respective invoice must be issued, and the terms of coverage and support for repairs must be specified to know when to make them useful if something goes wrong. Bad practices abound and are usually associated with informality in the course of automotive maintenance.