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Every day we seek to get closer to more people so that they can live the true Honda experience, therefore, we put at your disposal a network of Honda car service center in Delhi NCR with trained personnel to offer you and your vehicle a quality service.

Our factory-trained technicians will provide the best service for your car, whether it’s a simple oil change, windshield repair, brake maintenance service, or more complex repairs. In Fall, Winter, and Spring, come visit us to have your windshield wipers adjusted and tires rotated so you can drive safely when it rains. Come summer, stop by to have your car air conditioner repaired. Get rid of that warm air and replace it with fresh cabin air.

We can also monitor the battery if you think it may have run out of water due to the summer heat. Our expert staff of Honda-trained mechanics will provide you with these and a wide variety of other services quickly and accurately, regardless of the time of year.

Services offered by Honda Car Service Center in Noida:

Scheduled Maintenance

To keep your Honda in optimal condition, we recommend that you carry out scheduled maintenance every 6 months or 10,000 km, whichever comes first.

Express Service

1 hour or less for simple services, such as oil change, level check, tire change, battery check and change, meeting quality and service standards.

Sheet And Painting Service

We have the right staff and tools to provide sheet and paint services with quality and guarantee standards.


The condition of your tires is of vital importance for the proper functioning of your vehicle, we have strategic alliances with the best suppliers, to offer you excellent quality tires at a competitive price.

Light Alignment

For safety reasons, we recommend checking and aligning the lights periodically, seeking to improve visibility at night in order to reduce the probability of accidents.

Point To Point Review

Going on a trip in your Honda should not be a problem, we have a safe travel service, which will allow you to travel with your family safely and with complete peace of mind. Do not hesitate to take your vehicle to our authorized Honda car service center in Noida before traveling, where we will review it point by point and provide you with the proper diagnosis.

Auto repair and special benefits for our customers

When you come in to have your Honda serviced, we treat you with a bite and a drink. We also have comfortable sofas where you can rest and relax while our mechanics do their job. During your wait, you can access the free Wi-Fi signal or watch TV on one of the many HDTVs. We offer services for both Honda cars and sports utility vehicles (SUVs) as well as other makes and models, therefore, the services we mentioned are available to all local drivers who choose us, it is not necessary to have a Honda brand vehicle to take advantage our services (although we do suggest you try driving one)! Also, if you bring your car to our Honda car service center in Noida, you can rent a car to get around town, which is a great convenience if your vehicle is undergoing major repairs.

Benefits of visiting Honda car service center in Delhi NCR:

  • Competitive prices
  • Honda Express Service
  • Honda service coupons to save money
  • Some Additional benefits of having Honda car services:

  • Extended service hours for the reception and delivery of your car.
  • Driving tests of new models at home and at preferential times at the agency.
  • Exclusive telephone service line for any matter related Honda car service center program.
  • Exclusive promotions
  • Additionally, review the Honda car service and specials above for current offers on a wide range of common maintenance services; we also make additional offers to online users. Then call or complete our online service planner to schedule an appointment to repair your car in Delhi NCR at reasonable prices. If your Honda car service center in Noida determines that you need to do an oil change, brake maintenance, or a replacement air filter, listen to them, they can help you. If you want to monitor the recall regarding your vehicle, we can help you with that as well. Our authorized Honda car service center in Delhi NCR will make the repairs that your vehicle needs, and we always have spare parts and genuine Honda accessories available. Plus, for your peace of mind, we offer all kinds of services on all Honda vehicles.

    From fluid and suspension changes to glass repairs, transmission service and more, our mechanics will take care of your car’s precise repair, the first time. Bosch car service center has been providing world-class auto maintenance services to the people of Delhi NCR for years. As the years go by, we continue to grow and establish new relationships, and we want to help customers buy a great car at an affordable price. Visit Honda car service center in Noida soon for service, recall verification, or parts!