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Car Service Pick and Drop

We live in times of immediacy, speed, and totally digitization. A large part of the population is currently used to working in front of a computer or using it for daily life issues. In 2018 it is already part of our lives to use the mobile phone or derivatives to order a taxi, to have food ready if you do not feel like cooking, to listen to music, to consume platforms such as Netflix or HBO, to repair your car or request maintenance and even to do the weekly shopping.

All this has been encouraged by the limited time that most people have per day. Either because the workday is long, because after work you want to spend time with your children or nephews, because you have a very active social life, etc. The truth is that when 24 hours a day go by, many of us think: that’s it? Another day and I haven’t had time to…?

Taking the car to the workshop is very easy with Bosch Car Services

Car Service Pick and Drop

What have you not had time for? Surely, there are many things that will remain in the inkwell day after day that you are delaying thinking that it is not important or that you will do it on the weekend. One of these things that are often late is taking the car to the mechanic shop for repair or maintenance. But what many people still don’t know is that there are workshops that make life infinitely easier for the driver, as is the case with Bosch car services.

Car Service Pick and Drop

At Bosch Car Services, we know that an effective service is based on detail; that’s why our services start from the moment you need us and end once the vehicle is delivered in optimal condition. Our car services pick and drop allows you to avoid travel or the use of third-party transport to transfer your vehicle to the workshop; we are the ones who take care of the collection of your vehicle and its transport to the agreed mechanical center.

Once the repair is carried out, the vehicle is ready to be used again; however, many of our clients do not have time to travel to the place where the repair has been carried out, that is why our services include delivery of vehicles in the place where our clients need it. From Bosch Car Services, we take care of collecting your vehicle and making the delivery to your own home or to the place where you need it, contact us and consult our car services pick and drop.

Check our services and enjoy full coverage for your vehicle in case of repair; at Bosch Car Services, we offer you a comprehensive service, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Bosch car services offer you two ways to save time on your visit to the workshop:

Bosch car services pick the car and drop it to your home or wherever you tell us, safely and comfortably. A service designed so that you can follow your rhythm of life and travel with the security you need without going through the workshop.

Car Services Pick and Drop: In your usual Bosch car service center but in a faster way. No waiting! We have all the documentation ready for you to leave us the key without even entering the center’s reception. We then send you everything by email: diagnosis, photos of the parts, budget, invoices, and a link so that you can pay, and when you pick up the car, you will do so as quickly as you left us.

At Bosch Car Services, we work to offer our clients a comprehensive service of assistance for vehicles; therefore, in addition to the delivery and collection service of vehicles in Bosch Car Services, you have an immediate repair service, courtesy vehicle, management of all kinds of repairs and cleaning vehicle, all with the guarantee of ensuring the best conditions to adjust to your budget if you do not have comprehensive insurance. It’s that easy, with the least possible contact and with the time savings you need.